"Reichel & Drews, a business unit of The RDI Group, is the leading global supplier of automated production systems for manufacturing bitumen waterproofing membranes and asphalt shingles. For over 100 years, Reichel & Drews has provided customer-engineered production equipment and related product to the asphalt roofing manufacturing industry worldwide. Machines and systems are designed to provide maximum value through increased productivity and reduced maintenance requirements.

Since innovative engineering and technology are fundamental to our organization, we require a waterjet cutting supplier with repeatability at a reasonable price. Precision Waterjet Inc. was one of the top choices. Their parts were competitively priced and maintained tolerances that met our rigid standards. Rich, the owner, worked closely to accommodate our delivery dates and critical shipments. Reichel & Drews has been pleased with the quality and service provided by Precision Waterjet Inc. and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable waterjet cutting supplier."

D.M.I., Reichel & Drews, a business unit of The RDI Group