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At Precision Waterjet Inc., our staff strives to provide the best possible service for all our customers. Our team brings years of waterjet cutting experience along with an understanding of engineering, competitive and complementary machine processes, and maintenance, to help you tackle your most difficult projects. We believe in a straightforward, honest team approach with our customers.

Precision Waterjet Inc. was founded in early 2006 by Larry and Rich Edwards, a father and son team. Their first equipment investment was a Flow6012 dynamic capable abrasive waterjet. This state-of-the-art equipment can achieve a cutting pressure of 60,000 psi. With these pressures and a large accurate cutting envelope, they were able to provide local cutting to the Chicago suburbs and nationally across the United States. Growing their business slowly by winning customers with their philosophy to provide the best possible service and deliver the best possible product at a fair price, they have added employees who share their same vision. Along with this growth in employees, they have added another machine, a Flow Mach4 4030. This machine , complete with an even larger cutting area, greater pressures, taper capabilities, and even higher accuracies will help the team at PWI continue to expand into new markets.

As Precision Waterjet Inc. grows, we continue to provide our customers with some of the fastest and best waterjet services available. Our commitment to providing the level of service that we do does not come easy. It takes a continued drive to be sure our people are well trained and our machines are continuously maintained and updated. The team at PWI has the passion and commitment to serve your cutting needs today and in the future.

About Rich Edwards, President

Rich Edwards – President of Precision Waterjet Inc.Rich's extensive work experience, knowledge base and commitment to quality create a solid foundation on which Precision Waterjet is built. As a young child he always had a passion for machines, constantly working with his hands to build or take things apart to see how they worked. Starting his career in the military he began working on 747's. It was during this time he became a registered Airframe and Power plant mechanic. While successful at this career, he decided that he wanted to expand his knowledge and follow a passion to work building machines. Going to school and taking advantage of a great opportunity, he got the chance to learn design and many different manufacturing methods while building custom automation equipment. In 2006 he decided to take all that knowledge and start his own business with his father, and Precision Waterjet was born. Using his experience in machine design, he has helped modify Precision Waterjet’s equipment and practices to tackle the most difficult jobs. He continues to expand the company and stays a main contact for customer needs.